"Outstanding professionals, outstanding facilities, great paths, and great people to share it with. It was exactly what I envisioned when I decided I really wanted to learn to skate." Bobbie Hilke, Charleston, IL

"My fellow students were great. I laughed so much ... I had some idea that skating could be fun but skating with them beats learning on your own BY A LONG SHOT!" Patricia Pickup, Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. It has really improved my confidence in using my skates. I have been on and off them for several years and I now have renewed excitement." Pam Walker, San Clemente, CA

"Still flying high. You all were so terrific. Everyone, everything. I did this with no expectations and got more out of it than if I had expected the moon." Sandy Tavilla, Somerville, MA

"Just wanted to tell you how hard your instructors worked last week - they were unbelievable! They all went above and beyond the call of duty and were always easy to approach with any question or comment. Again, thanks for assembling such an incredible staff." Kathleen Beuttenmueller, Sheboygan, WI

"I had a blast! I can't remember when I've met a more enjoyable group of people, laughted so much, or had so much fun." Kathy Sena, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Skate Camp was a wonderful experience. Our expectations were exceeded!! Jim and I are still talking about how much fun Skate Camp was." Diane Hendricks, Houston, TX

"Yesterday I put my equipment on in my apartment, walked down several flights of stairs without a near-death experience, hopped off a curb into the parking lot, skated in the street and went down the steep hill that requires a 90-degree turn at the bottom to avoid the heavily-traveled 55 mph street, and proceeded downhill to my local trail (stopping at crossings as needed). That was the first time I've ever skated here without needing to get in my car and drive to the location. If I got nothing else from the Camp besides the basic skills and confidence necessary to do that, it would have been worthwhile. The fact that I got so much more from the sessions and had a lot of fun is a great bonus." Brian Renaud, Ann Arbor, MI

"I had a ball at skate camp. Thanks for everything - what a FUN, informative and renewing experience!!! And you were all so patient and encouraging." Vicki Hepperlen, Sioux City, IA

"Wonderful. The setting, the clinic area, the trails ... all wonderful. It's not easy tending to a flock of fearful lambs. The gathering of people and the embracing of skills was more than I dreamed they would be. Thank you, thank you." Laurie Reese, Los Angeles, CA


Camp Rollerblade is operated by Zephyr Adventures in conjunction with Rollerblade. Copyright Zephyr Adventures.