Location Hilton Head, South Carolina
Next Date No Date Scheduled
Price $1,600
Single Supplement $600 (always optional)
Length Five Days & Four Nights
Activities Skating Instruction
Skating Level Beginner & Advanced Beginner
Other $1,300 Option Without Instruction

Our Camp Rollerblade camps for beginners have two goals: learn to skate and have fun doing it! Our average skater is 47 years old and we have taught youngsters as old as 71. Because no experience is required to attend this Camp, we have some participants who have never before put on skates and others who have tried them but aren't yet comfortable.

Hilton Head is a five mile by 12 mile island off the coast of South Carolina famous for its beaches, southern culture, and fantastic services. For skaters, the island also has 23 miles of pristine public paved pathways, another 15 miles of private paths on the resort where we stay, and an enclosed outdoor skating rink reserved for our use.

Hilton Head island is one of the nation's premier vacation destinations and is a perfect places to learn to skate in a fun, relaxed environment. In addition to skating we bike, kayak, and relax on the beach in Hilton Head - all part of the camp program.

While many people are nervous about signing up for five days of Camp Rollerblade, trust us when we tell you that you will wish it was longer once you are there! If you are ready to learn to skate or improve your inline skating skills, join us on Hilton Head Island or in Sonoma for a great active vacation! It is never too late to go to Camp.

Your Lead Instructor
Your lead instructor will be Liz Miller, one of the most accomplished inline skating instructors in the world. Liz became an inline "missionary" in 1991, after discovering it was a great way to have fun and get exercise at the same time. She now spends her at-home weekends teaching skating and her away-from-home weekends skiing, hiking or adventuring with her “Prince Charming,” Dan. Liz works full time as a technical writer, but also makes time to author books and a fantastic website (www.getrolling.com) about inline skating.

We have an $1,300 option for friends and family who wish to join you but don't want to participate in the skating instruction.

Our lodging on Hilton Head is the Sea Pines Resort, which offers not only fantastic villas but a separate trail system just for visitors of the resort. Our villas are two-bedroom units with either one or two beds per room, allowing us to house up to four people per villa. Our participants agree this is an excellent way to share the joy of learning to skate with your compatriots while still having enough personal space.

For More Information
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