Naturally, at Camp Rollerblade our instructors use Rollerblade brand inline skates.  We recommend the same for you!

We do not provide you with skates at Camp Rollerblade.  You will need your own skates and full protective gear (helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads). We believe your experience at Camp will be much better if you have taken the time to purchase a quality pair of skates that truly fits your foot.  We cannot guarantee such a fit by providing rental skates.  Besides, if you are going to spend the money to attend Camp Rollerblade you might as well purchase a pair of skates!

As a new skater, how do you make a good purchasing decision? It is best to get professional advice and that is where we can help. We suggest you choose Rollerblade brand inline skates. Rollerblade created the market, is still the market leader, and has many models from which you can choose. Plus, these are the skates we know best.

Where should you purchase skates? You have two options: at a store or online. The advantage of purchasing skates at a retail store is that you can actually try them on. It is better to go to a higher-end store where the staff actually knows something about the products in the store, rather than a low-price big-box store.  We suggest you actually try the skates on in the store. Comfort is the key in purchasing new skates and you will find that some skates just fit better than others.  Even among Rollerblade skates, it is possible the Spiritblade wil fit better than the Astro or vice versa.  Simply put, purchase the skate the fits you best.

The obvious disadvantage to purchasing skates online is that you cannot test the skates for comfort.  However, purchasing online does have two advantages: you are likely to find very good prices and much better selection.  (Unfortunately, finding a store with a wide range of skates is not always easy.)  Our recommendation is it is okay to purchase skates online if you know which skates you want and you generally wear the same shoe size regardless of the type of footwear.  If you do purchase skates online, make sure you do so from a reputable retailer, like the Inline Warehouse.

You will also need to purchase protective equipment.  Starting with your head, any approved bicycle helmet will work fine.  You also need knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads, which you can purchase in a Rollerblade-brand three-pack.  Finally, if you are worried about getting injured, you might also consider padded shorts such as can be found at Inline Warehouse,, or While you might feel overly armored, it is this protective gear and your wise decision to join us at Camp Rollerblade that will reduce your chances of injury.


Camp Rollerblade is operated by Zephyr Adventures in conjunction with Rollerblade. Copyright Zephyr Adventures.