Let's say you have made up your mind to learn to skate or improve your skills. Perhaps you need a new workout activity, want to skate with your kids, or have extra time now that you are retired.  How do you go about it?

Unfortunately, many people just purchase skates, put them on their feet, and go.  While this works for some, it also results in many sore rumps and skates that are gathering dust in closets all across America. Instead, you are much, much better off taking a lesson as you will be more likely to master and enjoy the sport.

Once you decide to take a lesson, we suggest you look farther than your spouse (who can learn anything from a spouse?) or your good friend who is an avid skater.  The reality is teaching skating is a lot harder than doing it.

Consider joining us at Camp Rollerblade! We believe Camp Rollerblade is the single best option available if you want to learn to skate or improve your skills.  Consider these benefits:

  • Expert Instruction  Our lead instructor is Liz Miller, certified by both the Inline Certification Program and the Skate Instructors Association. Our camp instruction has been developed over more than a decade of teaching adult beginners.
  • Multiple Days  One lesson is good. Two is better.  At Camp Rollerblade, you get multiple days of instruction. While many people initially think our camps might be too long, our camp graduates tell us they are just right.
  • Instruction at Your Level  We provide instruction at your level and there is no need to worry about whether you are a good enough skater to join us. Many participants will have had no experience at all on skates or will have only tried skating a few times. At our Hilton Head Camp & Mini Tour, we accommodate a range of ability levels from absolute beginner to those already have some comfort on skates.
  • For All Ages  Camp Rollerblade is for all ages.  The average age of participants at our adult camps is 49 and we regularly have participants at each Camp from the teens into the 60s or even 70s.  Kids are welcome if accompanied by a participating adult.
  • Still not convinced? Read this unsolicited letter from a participant on our very first Camp to our owner or these comments from past participants.


Camp Rollerblade is operated by Zephyr Adventures in conjunction with Rollerblade. Copyright Zephyr Adventures.